Sports Centre Triglav Pokljuka provides a unique experience of biathlon shooting, as known by top athletes – biathletes. Shooting can be combined with running, hiking or cycling. In any case the shooting in itself presents a challenge for the individual (can be a total beginner) or can be part of a team match. The shooting takes place under professional supervision, with a low calibre sports rifle on a specially prepared biathlon shooting range next to the Hotel Center. Organised biathlon shooting is carried out in all seasons.
Cross-country skiing and ski walking are aerobic activities, which are considered one of the healthiest sports activities. When performing them all the major muscle groups are included. Cross-country skiing and ski walking are suitable for all age groups. Some prior knowledge of cross-country skiing or ski walking is recommended. It is also possible to learn cross-country skiing and ski walking with our qualified instructors.
Hikes across Pokljuka are possible in all seasons. On the path you will be able to admire the untamed nature and breathe the fresh mountain air. Appropriate clothing and hiking or mountaineering footwear is obligatory.
Pokljuka offers many pleasures for nature cycling, as there are more than 80 km of forest paths winding across it. That is why anyone – amateur or the more demanding mountain cyclists – can find a route that suits them the most. At Sports Centre Triglav Pokljuka (at the Hotel cENTER), 15 top of the line Cult mountain bicycles are available. When renting a bicycle, you also receive a safety helmet.
Nordic walking is a recreational activity which can be carried out in all seasons. No prior knowledge is necessary and it is suitable for all age groups. Due to the use of poles, the muscles of the hands and upper body are also active when walking. Movement is highly similar to cross-country skiing in the classic technique. In the last few years, nordic walking has been one of the most mass attended recreational activities all over the world. For many years it has been used as a means of training by biathletes and cross-country skiers.
Snowshoeing across a snowy Pokljuka is a special experience. Use of the modern version of snowshoes is simple and walking poles are also used for snowshoeing. Pokljuka offers numerous possibilities for snowshoeing and thus acquaints us with the different natural features of this part of Slovenian landscape. For greater comfort, the use of mountaineering or other winter footwear is appropriate.
The hike will be organised across the surrounding countryside and is not too demanding (it is also suitable for participants without any special physical readiness). Under the light of the torches we will make our way through the spruce of Pokljuka and head towards one of the nearby Alpine meadows, where we will rest for a while and have refreshments. After stopping, a return to the Centre awaits us.
With leisure to greater business success – it is true that the title combines two seemingly incompatible processes: leisure and business success. By adding to them a touch of innovativeness, a training programme is created for businessmen and employees at all levels of the company, set in the natural environment of Pokljuka forests – a true contrast to the usual work areas, conference rooms and offices.

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