Forests for the people – Sports Centre Triglav Pokljuka joins the initiative for a responsible attitude towards the natural environment and is, as a summer and winter sports tourist centre, aware of the necessity of a respectful attitude towards nature.

1. A correct attitude towards nature already begins with transportation to the ski slope. In view of your options, use public transportation or drive up in a fully occupied vehicle. Always park your car in accordance with the rules of the parking area manager in the designated spots.
2. When on the ski slope, remain within the designated skiing and cross-country skiing trails. Do not use areas of protected nature for cross-country skiing, skiing or snowboarding.
3. Do not ski through the forest in which wild animals seek protection and shelter from humans. Most of the wild animals do become used to the disturbances caused by events on the ski slope, as long as they take place within the organised areas. It is only skiing and cross-country skiing outside of the ski trails that cause the wild animals to panic.
4. Dogs are best left at home, or should be kept on a leash in the area of the ski slope, so they do not chase game. Animals on the run use up valuable energy; sufficient amounts of food are hard to find during the winter as it is.
5. By skiing outside of the organised ski slopes and cross-country skiing trails you can damage the ground and the plants with the edges of the skis and snowboards, particularly if the snow cover is too low.
6. The conduct of those who abide by the presented advice will harm the natural environment to the least possible extent.

Thank you for contributing to protecting nature!