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Sports Centre Triglav Pokljuka provides for different programmes for an active spending of free time on Pokljuka. Your stay will be seen to by the Center Hotel or nearby accommodation capacities.

Programmes are intended for individuals or groups. The professionally qualified personnel of the Guest Centre carry out various sports, social and motivational activities.

Sports activities:

  • cross-country skiing and ski walking
  • biathlon/shooting
  • guided hikes
  • snowshoeing
  • Nordic walking
  • archery
  • mountain trips
  • futsal

Price list of sports activities

Cross-country skiing and ski walking are aerobic activities, which are considered one of the healthiest sports activities. When performing them all the major muscle groups are included. Cross-country skiing and ski walking are suitable for all age groups. Some prior knowledge of cross-country skiing or ski walking is recommended. It is also possible to learn cross-country skiing and ski walking with our qualified instructors.

Športni center Biathlon is one of the most interesting winter sports, which includes freestyle cross-country skiing and shooting.

Our Centre offers the possibility of shooting in combination with cross-country skiing, mountain cycling or independently. A low calibre biathlon rifle is used. No prior knowledge is required, as qualified trainers will teach you how to handle the weapon and shoot properly. For groups of over 15 persons a real biathlon competition can be organised at your request (in the winter on skis and in the summer on mountain bicycles or rollerblades).

Hikes across Pokljuka are possible in the winter and summer. In the summer you will be guided to the nearby Alpine meadows (Uskovnica, Zajamniki, Javorniška planina, Kranjska dolina, Klek, Konjščica, …); at your request you can also be taken to the Pokljuka bogs or to various energy spots, of which there are quite a few on Pokljuka. On the path you will be able to admire the untamed nature and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Closest to Rudno polje, along the path towards Uskovnica, lie energy rocks that are only a 15-minute walk away from Sports Centre Triglav Pokljuka. The hikes last from one to several hours, are of different difficulty and terrain configuration, and are adapted to the physical fitness of the guests.

Snowshoeing across a snowy Pokljuka is a special experience. Use of the modern version of snowshoes is simple; walking poles are also used for snowshoeing. Pokljuka offers numerous possibilities for snowshoeing and thus acquaints us with the different natural features of this part of Slovenian landscape. For greater comfort, the use of mountaineering or other winter footwear is appropriate.



Archery is an interesting sports discipline. With the help of archers you will be able to try out shooting with a bow and conquer the basics of archery. Similarly to biathlon rifle shooting, one of the versions also recognised by the International Biathlon Union is archery biathlon, combined with cross-country skiing. No prior knowledge is required, as qualified trainers will teach you how to handle the bow and the specifics of shooting with a bow.


Nordic walking is a recreational activity which can be performed in all seasons. No prior knowledge is required and it is suitable for all age groups. Due to the use of poles, the muscles of the hands and upper body are also active when walking. Movement is highly similar to cross-country skiing in the classic technique. In the last few years, Nordic walking has been one of the most mass attended recreational activities all over the world. For many years it has been used as a means of training by biathletes and cross-country skiers.

See the price list of sports activities or send an inquiry.

Social activities:

  • evening or night-time hike with torches
  • coaching programme
  • kindergarten on the snow

Price list of social activities

Night-time hike with torches

The hike will be organised across the surrounding countryside and is not too demanding (it is also suitable for participants without any special physical readiness). Under the light of the torches we will make our way through the spruce of Pokljuka and head towards one of the nearby Alpine meadows, where we will rest for a while and have refreshments. After stopping, a return to the Centre awaits us.

With leisure to greater business success - Coaching

It is true that the title combines two seemingly incompatible processes: leisure and business success. By adding to them a touch of innovativeness, a training programme is created for businessmen and employees at all levels of the company, set in the natural environment of Pokljuka forests; a true contrast to the usual work areas, conference rooms and offices.

A programme has been prepared for the leading personnel and employees at all levels of the company in an environment of complete leisure.

You believe it is a mission impossible? We can tell you from experience that you will be surprised what comes from an innovative blend of the seemingly incompatible.

The programme is based on team coaching, which, sadly, is still not adequately translated into Slovene. Because the content of the programme is more important than the word itself, let the following explanation be a starting-point: that coaching is an increasingly popular approach to improving one's personal and business excellence, which first appeared in sports. Today, it is the fastest developing activity under human resources development, being neither classical consultancy or training nor therapy. Studies with verifiable data prove that coaching is more effective than classical training and directed towards the search for solutions and possibilities.

Team coaching is a creative process, directed towards achieving better results and greater efficiency of the individual. It is a process run by a coach, which literally translates to trainer, with the appropriate education and licence, confirming his or her competence.

The team coaching programme can be used when:

  • a group or team has to be “tuned” to a certain topic (co-ordination with the company's strategy, setting the goals of a department, developing a communication strategy, new services, entrepreneurial idea etc.);
  • organising strategy days;
  • requiring a better exchange of information and co-operation among departments;
  • requiring better co-operation among the key functions in a company;
  • employing new people;

The list is limitless if the goal is clear. Our goal is to develop the skills and potential of the employees (from managers to mixed teams) and entrepreneurs in order to attain a higher level of business success in an environment that in no way resembles a work area. It is an efficient programme, placed between a light morning run or walk and afternoon cycling and an evening sauna or relaxational massage.

Team coaching will be adapted to your desires, the situation within the team, and the scope of the topics discussed.